Opportunity to buy more than 800 stocks at a cheaper price

Opportunity to buy more than 800 stocks at a cheaper price

The stock market has been seeing sell-offs since last week.  Monday saw the biggest drop of the year.  Both the BSE and the NSE were down more than 3 per cent.  Shares of many large companies hurt their investors.  This includes stocks from various sectors including banking, telecom.  Many stocks were severely broken in the market here on January 24. Investors have the opportunity to buy these long-term profitable stocks at cheaper prices.
Opportunity to buy more than 800 stocks at a cheaper price

 Reliance Industries

 The stock giant saw the worst day of the new year and the stock fell 4%.  The stock fell to 2,379.90 despite the company making record profit in the third quarter.  However, experts have raised the price to 2,850.

 RIL - Last Price 2,379.90 97.95 (3.95%)
 Open 2,475.00
 High 2,504.75
 Low 2,355.10
 52-wk high 2,751.35
 52-wk low 1,830.00
Vodafone Idea

 Shares of the telecom company also plummeted.  It fell 7 per cent to Rs.  Was born 10.95.  The company reported Rs.  7,230.9 crore which is also affecting the performance of its shares.


 The stock performed poorly despite a 25 per cent rise in net profit in the third quarter.  Shares fell nearly 2 per cent to Rs.  792 was born.  However, foreign brokerage firm JPMorgan was priced at Rs.  Estimated to go up to 930. 


 Online food delivery company Zomato continues to perform poorly.  Its shares fell a bumper 20 per cent on January 24 and fell to Rs.  90.95 was born.  These stocks have declined by a quarter in the last five trading sessions.

 Zomato - Last Price –90.95 −22.70 (19.97%)

 Open 114.00
 High 114.20
 Low 90.95
 52-wk high 169.00
 52-wk low 90.95
Stocks of companies like Nayaka, Jomato, Policy Bazaar and Paytm have been hit hard.  The stock market has been declining for the last 5 days.  Today's decline of 1,545 points is the highest in 5 days in the market.  It dropped 554 points last Tuesday, 656 points on Wednesday, 634 points on Thursday and 427 points on Friday.

 Lower circuit registered in 800 stocks

 234 Sensex stocks are trading in the upper and more than 800 lower circuits.  This means that in a day, they can neither fall nor go beyond certain limits.

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