Manyavar brand company's IPO opened 4 January 2022 full details

Manyavar brand company's IPO opened 4 January 2022 full details

 Manyavar brand company's IPO opened 4 January 2022 full details.Whether it is kurta-pajamas for festivals or sherwani and lehenga for weddings, the IPO of Vedanta Fashions Limited, the owner of 'Manyavar' and 'Mohe', one of the largest ethnic clothing brands in the country, is opening on Friday, February 4.  In that case, if you want to invest in it, here you will find all the information related to it.

Manyavar brand company's IPO opened 4 January 2022 full details.

 It will open and close on the 8th today

 Manyavar IPO will open on 4th February and close on 8th February 2022.  The shares of this IPO will be allotted on February 11.  The company's shares will be listed on February 16, 2022.  The company is worth Rs.  3,63,64,838 shares are being put up for sale (OFS) for the Rs 3,149 crore IPO.

 Anchor raised Rs 944.75 crore from investors

 Prior to the IPO, the company had raised Rs.  944.75 crore.  For this, the company has allotted 1,09,09,450 shares to 75 investors.

 There will be a lot of stocks for retail investors

 In this IPO, at least 35% shares are reserved for retail investors, 50% for eligible institutional investors (QIBs) and 15% for non-institutional investors (NIIs).

 IPO Share Price Band

 The company has set a price target of Rs 824 to Rs 866 per share for the IPO.  For this, the company will issue shares with a face value of Rs.

 This will be the flour size

 There will be a lot of 17 shares to invest in the IPO.  Retail investors can bid for a maximum of 13 lots.  A minimum of Rs.  14,722 and a maximum of Rs.  1,91,386 can be invested.

 Brands and stores of the company

 In addition to Manyavar and Mohe, the company also has fashion brands like Mebaz, Manthan and Tvamev.  The company has stores in 212 cities across the country.

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