Profitable Stocks In 2022 Buy Now

Profitable Stocks In 2022 Buy Now

Profitable Stocks In 2022 Buy Now.Graphite India has been building a good accumulation pattern for the last four months, which is now nearing completion.  The daily chart shows an upward rally in high volume and a decrease in very low volume.  In the middle of the week, the stock finally managed to break the 200-day SMA (Simple Moving Average) after October 2021.  Not only has it surpassed it, but it has been rising for three days in a row.  Analysts say Rs.  Advising to buy with a target price of 614.

Profitable Stocks In 2022 Buy Now

Profitable Stocks In 2022 Buy Now.After a slight reduction to Lupine, Rs.  Support was found near 740 and it bounced quickly.  Currently, the stock is trading near the 50-day SMA and has strong bottom formation on the daily and intraday charts.  It has also managed to close above Rs 780 after a long hiatus on the weekly chart.  He has Rs.  There is also a buy rating with a target price of 840.

 In January 2022, Rs.  Decreasing from the high of 1293, SBI Life in March 2022 to about Rs.  Got support at 1,003.  This is strong support as it is consistent with the previous intermediate high levels we tested in 2019.  This week, the stock is trading at Rs.  Achieved a recent high of 1,140.  It is recommended to buy with a target price of Rs. 1200

Profitable Stocks In 2022 Buy Now.

 Max Financial Services After a medium-term decline, the stock rose to Rs.  Bounced quickly with support close to 700.  After the reversal, it is trading comfortably on the 20-day SMA which is mostly positive.  Now Rs.  A 770 or 20 day SMA will serve as a better base for traders.  If it goes above that, the stock could touch Rs 860 again.  Buy it with a target price of Rs.860.

 The stock of Apollo Tires continues to trade above the 10-day SMA which is widely positive after the promising reversal formation.  In addition, on the daily and intraday charts, it has maintained a high-high and high-low range formation.  Last Thursday, the stock successfully closed above its 50-day SMA.  An increase in volume indicates a move above current levels with a strong bullish candle.  Rs.  Recommended purchase with a target price of 220

 Indian Oil has seen a good rally with a big support at Rs 109.  Because it almost corresponds to the last Intermediate Law Test in December 2021.  Since then the stock has been consistently building higher and higher bottoms over the last few weeks.  This week, the stock broke back from its most recent high.  Technical indicators are showing positive signals as the stock trades above the 20-day SMA.  It is recommended to buy with a target of Rs 144.

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